Curtain up!
  Welcome to the ongoing drama that is, aka Solange De Santis. I hope you always will be intrigued and sometimes surprised by what you find here. “Something appalling, something appealing,” as Stephen Sondheim wrote for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

You will find continuing coverage of the arts, with a special spotlight turned on theater, in the U.S. and Canada. See why Buffalo’s Studio Arena Theatre found success in its own, unlikely, backyard. Why is Ben Heppner the reluctant tenor? Why does the plot of Mamma Mia have a hole big enough to drive a train through? Why is a little girl with red braids named Anne worth millions to a Canadian province? How many shoes can one billionaire shoemaker’s wife fit in her shoe-box-shaped museum?

Since my interests range widely, you may also peek into my book, Life on the Line, a account of a year and a-half working on the assembly line in a doomed General Motors plant. Ordering information is also enclosed.

I am creating original content for this Web site, both theater reviews and an eclectic series of observations called An American in Canada. I do not blog. They seem to me to be time-wasting (both for the writer and reader) spews of random thoughts, opinions and emotions that could use a good blue pencil. I write columns – you know, structure, beginning, middle, end. It’s an old form, but a good one.

If a publication is not cited, the contents has been created specially for the Web site. For reproduction rights, contact me at: